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     Hello, first we would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope that you enjoy our products. If your already a current owner of a String Sling, please click on our Testimonials tab and comment on our product. This is very important for others to get an idea on whether they want to become an owner of aString Sling. All Testimonials will be published as long as we keep it clean. Thanks for you cooperation.

Now, A little about us:

     We live in a small community in central Mississippi among a lot of our family and friends who enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. All of which have been very supportive in our quest to bring you the products that we are offering. We enjoy building or making things on our off time from work and thought para-cording was a unique way to make things that people can use and also enjoy. In the Summer of 2011 we began by starting out making smaller items like bracelets and key fobs. With a little more practice we knew that we wanted to come up with a standard length adjustable gun sling made of para-cord that would adjust to fit everyone. After making the first prototype we asked for opinions from some family and friends and they thought that it was a great idea, and mentioned that we should try to create a product that people would enjoy having. So we made some modifications and came up with a few methods that works well for different applications and makes it possible to bring you the products that we have to offer.

     We primarily make different types of Slings but also have included other items. See our HOME page to view some of the other items. There are other para-cord slings that you can purchase, but we would like to think ours are a little more unique and has a little more thought included. So far we haven't found a "style" that is made from 100% nylon para-cord that adjust to fit your desired length and that also quickly connects and disconnects from most swivels or attachments, like the String Sling. Our slings, so far, have adjusted to the length needed to fit everyone that as purchased one. Gun slings are just one of the items available, there are adjustable slings for other applications including Guitars, Bows and Tactical firearms to name a few.

     We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and want you Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook and all to those other types of communications to let your family and friends know what we have to offer. After your purchase of a String Sling, please revisit our website and click on the Testimonials tab and let us and others know if you like or dislike the products that we have. This way we will know how and what to improve on to bring you a better product. 

Thanks again.

P.S. - Remember that para-cord is essential in an emergency or survival situation. Most of the time you will have your gun. Now you have your String Sling.

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