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A superlative alternative for a gun sling. My daughter loves the feel and comfortability while walking with her gun shouldered by the sling. The slings are professionally crafted and durable. Definitely the real deal !!!

Kyle Phillips

I will start by saying one would be hard pressed to find better customer service. Great company to deal with that provide great hand made products each constructed of 550 paracord. Different sling options for various applications ranging from traditional carry and hunting purposes to tactical use/shooting. You get more than you pay for when dealing with! Not too often can we say that about much now days.

E.J. McCabe

Military/ LE/ Outdoorsman

I have a hot pink and camo guitar strap and gun sling. The guitar strap is very comfortable and durable. I get many compliments on it and love the hot pink color. The gun sling is also comfortable on my shoulder unlike other gun slings. It is tough and durable. I could not be happier with both my gun sling and guitar strap. The bracelets are also super cute and many compliments are recieved on a daily basis. Baby pink and white are the colors I have in mine. I LOVE it!

Deanna Boling

These are LEGIT

I absolutely love my guitar strap as well as the rifle sling. The comfort that my guitar strap gives me as well as its ability to adjust is a must have on stage. The red and white colors also catch the eye and I can't help but to get asked where I got it. Having the 550 chord rifle sling also gives me a piece of mind in the woods as well as the comfort I was looking for. Thank you!

Tyler Clift

Satisfied Son

I have one on my tactical rifle. I like the adjustments that can be made quickly. I also like the fact I have 550 cord with me at all times if I get in a jam.

Joe McCabe

Desert camo and green were my colors. The strap is more comfortable than the vinyl store bought one that i had. Ive got it on a very heavy H & R 444 rifle and it really made a difference in the comfort dept. Im gonna buy 2 more.

Scottt Boling


I really like my String Sling for my sons 20 GA Remington Wing Master. I wanted a sling that could attach without having to drill a hole in the stock. also one that was adjustable enough for my son and I could both use the gun. String Slings delivered perfectly.

Jonathan Heard

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